Sell Gold Bracelets

  Phoenix Gold Bracelet Buyer

One of the best things about gold is the value that it holds. Like anything, you want variety. A gold bracelet you bought a year ago isn't as nice as the one you see in the window today. Luckily, your gold bracelet can buy you the new one today!

Gold is paid by the weight and Karat. Bracelets often are heavier in weight, amounting to a bigger cash payout. Many tennis bracelets have diamonds, increasing their worth even more. When selling a bracelet, it is important to check for any stamps present that will indicate the karat. You can usually find these stamps on the clasp. Often they are very small and hard to see. A reputable gold buyer has testing equipment that will allow them to see the karat and weight within seconds. Whether white, yellow, or rose gold, as long as the gold is real, the price should not change. Sometimes, bracelets will have charms. Make sure you are paid for these, or ask for them back to ensure honesty and that you get the most money possible.

Even if your gold bracelet is broken, it is still worth money. Bring all the parts with you when selling, as the more weight you have, the higher your payout will be.

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