Sell Gold Chains

  If you need to sell a gold chain, We pay the best rates

Sell Gold Chains and Necklaces - Chains and necklaces are some of our more popular items. Since gold is paid by the weight, you can earn a great amount of cash, fast. We specialize in looking over every detail of the jewelry brought into us. This means that you will receive an educated assessment of your gold. Our buyers have been perfecting themselves for many years, enabling them to truly know the worth of an item, resulting in a bigger payout for our customers. Necklaces come in all karats, from about 8k to 24k and we buy them all, even if broken or damaged.

Chains come in many shapes and sizes. Whether white, yellow, or rose, they are all paid by the weight in grams and the karat (or purity). You can check the karat by looking around the claps area of the chain. Usually, you will see a number with a K after it. The higher that number, the more pure the gold is and the more money it's worth. Unfortunaley, there are many pieces out there that are marked incorrectly or not real gold at all. Only a licensed gold buyer can tell you for sure if the gold is genuine and what purity it is.

Many gold buyers will attempt to pay their customers in penny weights, instead of grams. This means that for every one gram, it will show there is .5 of a penny weight. This means you are losing half your total weight, and half your total payout. Your gold will be worth the same amount no matter the color, as the color differences are only a result of finishing processes (such as rhodium finish, for making white gold).

A trusted buyer will be one with certification and licensing, and has a track record of paying fair prices. Since gold is a traded commodity, the price changes daily, sometimes several times a day.


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