Sell Gold earrings

Selling Gold earrings

What are you supposed to do when one of your favorite gold earrings break, rendering the other automatically useless as well? Before you become too angry, you should know that even when broken, gold is worth money. Unlike most things you spend cash on, you can actually get your cash back by selling your gold when you don't want it anymore. Gold earrings often weigh quite a bit, making them the perfect way to earn some money in a quick easy way.

If you aren't sure if your earrings are gold, a gold buyer can tell you within seconds. Often a very small stamp is present on the part of the earring that goes into the ear. Earrings come in all types of karats, from around 10k up to 24k. There are many style variations like hoops or studs and found in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, sometimes even a combination of the three. If there are diamonds in your jewelry, it can raise the value as well.

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