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Do you have old jewelry that isn't fashionable, broken, damaged, or you just don't want any more? You would be pleasantly surprised, it can add up to a lot! The trick is to find a gold buyer with a great reputation. Or, like us, is accredited with the BBB. Since gold is paid by the weight, scrap gold is often a fast, easy way to cash in. Our gold buyers can test and total up what you have in minutes.

The broad term scrap gold is used to define any gold item that goes back to the refiner for recycling. If you are selling scrap gold, the definition may be a little different. Scrap gold is a broad term meaning jewelry or any gold that is broken, damaged, very old, no longer wanted, or out of fashion. Unfortunatley, scrap gold is something people get ripped off on more than any other item. This is because there is often a significant weight or several pieces, and because the seller may not want the gold anymore, or it is broken or damaged, they assume it is worth less. Here are some tips to ensure you are getting the most for your scrap or unwanted gold:

Organize your gold by Karat:

Use a magnifying glass to look on the clasps, inner linnings, or hooks of your jewelry to identify any numbers present. These numbers will indicate the purity or karat of your item. The higher the karat, the more money your jewelry is worth. Organizing your pieces into karats can help you stay organized when having them tested. The most common karat markings will be 10k(10 karat, 10 parts gold, 14 parts other metal), 14k, 18k, 22k, and sometimes 24k(pure gold, however this is rare since pure gold is expendable and therefore nearly impossible to wear as jewelry). Keep in mind that jewelry marketed before 1980 is slightly below the karat level marked. For example, 22k would actually be between 21k and 21.5k. Also, some countries have less strict stamping regulations than others. Mexico is known for having some leniency and shady practices, while Europe is very strict with identifying purity levels. The only fail-safe way for sure to know the purity is to find a reputable gold buyer who carries licensed and certified testing equipment.

Don't mail your gold:

While the catchy commercials you see at one o'clock in the morning may be catchy, they are designed to give the seller way less than their gold is worth, and line the buyer's pockets. Like anything, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. To get top dollar for your gold, you should do at least some light research, find a gold buyer in your area with a good reputation and a history of paying fair prices, and take the gold in yourself. With you right there, and educated on what you have, there is less room for a shady buyer to rip you off. A reputable gold buyer will encourage you to ask questions, do everything right in front of you, and will educate you further on what you have.

Separate any coins from your jewelry:

Coins can have different values depending on many factors. These include condition of the coin, mint marks, and dates. It is important to go over each coin you have when selling, so that any opportunities to get a bigger payout aren't missed. A gold buyer that is knowledgeable in their field will know exactly what to look for, and would never attempt to mask the true value of the coin to the seller..

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