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We buy silver -

Most gold buyers only purchase silver if you have a large quantity. We will buy any amount of sterling silver. You can check for markings on your silver items that read .925, or sterling. While worth significantly less than gold per ounce, when sold in weight, silver can provide quite a nice payday. The trick is simply to sell a bigger quantity at once.

Sell Silver Watches:

We buy all types of silver watches.These pieces can often be pretty heavy, amounting to a higher cash payout. Some brands make every part of their watches silver, while others only make the casing or smaller parts silver. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to break the watch in order to determine which parts are in fact silver. The buyer should always inform you that this must be done, prior to damaging your item. Often, you will see writing on the back of the watch telling you what type of metal it is made of. The buyer will be able to test the watch, and know from experience whether it is genuine and precious metal.

Sell Silver Rings:

Silver rings can be a great source of cash. Since they are heavy, it makes them worth more in weight. To check if your ring could be silver, look on the inner lining of the band. If you see the numbers .925 or STERLING, you may have silver and it could be worth money. Most of the time, any stones put into silver are not genuine. There are some rare cases of diamonds in silver though, and a legitimate buyer will pay you extra for your diamonds.

Sell Silver Bracelets:

Silver bracelets, like gold, are worth cash. If you aren't sure if your bracelet is silver, check the clasp. If it is genuine, there will be a marking of .925 or STERLING. A precious metal buyer can always tell you for sure, and will pay you extra for any diamonds.

Sell Silver Necklaces:

Silver necklaces are worth cash. Since silver is worth a good amount less than gold per ounce, it is a good idea to bring as much weight with you at one time as possible. If you have a collection of silver jewelry, it would be smarter financially to sell it all at once, increasing your cash payout. Feel free to ask your buyer about the price differences in gold and silver. A knowledgeable buyer should feel comfortable answering your questions.

Sell Silver Coins:

Silver coins are amongst some of the most popular investment currencies to date. Since they are often worth more than their weight in silver, coins can be a quick way to get the cash you need. You may even have more silver lying around than you think,  some1946-1964  US coins, including quarters, dimes, and nickels are in fact silver, and worth more than face value.

Sell Silver Flatware and other collectibles:

We buy all sterling silver, whether it's an antique statue, candle holder, or flatware set, if it's sterling silver, we pay cash! Since silver is paid by the weight, heavier items like these are an easy way to earn a vast amount of money. Just think, your silver items sitting there and collecting dust could quickly score you some cash.

  • Q:Is silver worth the same as gold?

    A:No. Silver is worth significantly less per ounce than gold. For this reason, it is a good idea to sell a large quantity, or weight, at once. The more grams or ounces you have in total weight, the more your final payout will be. Selling light items, like a single ring or bracelet, can amount to very little payout. When silver buyers purchase your silver, they are paying for the raw materials only, not for the piece it's self. This is important to note because when purchasing the jewelry at a jewelry store, there is usually a high markup of up to 500%. This is the reason you may buy a genuine silver ring from a jewelry store for $40.00 and later find out that it is really only worth about $1.00 in raw materials.
  • Q:How do I know if my jewelry is silver?

    A:If there are markings on your jewelry that can sometimes indicate what type of metal it is. It is important to note that some countries are less strict with their labeling of jewelry so while stamps or markings are a good indicator, it could easily be counterfeit. If the item is in fact silver, it will be marked .925 or "sterling". A licensed silver buyer can always check your silver for sure, within a few seconds. Because of the nitric acid used in the silver testing process, it is always a good idea to take your silver to a licensed buyer.
  • Q:How do I know if my flatware set is silver?

    A:Normally, sterling silver flatware sets will be marked with the words "sterling" often, on each piece. Since silver is paid by the weight, flatware sets are a great cash earner. Because of the heaviness to these sets, you will be pleasantly surprised with the value some can carry. A reputable silver buyer can confirm your items to be silver within just a few seconds
  • Q:Do I need to have a certain amount of silver in order to sell it?

    A:No. Unlike most silver buyers, Phoenix Silver Buyers will purchase any amount of sterling silver. It is important to keep in mind that since silver is paid by the weight and is worth significantly less than gold per ounce, it is a good idea to cash in on a heavier weight or many items of silver at once, to get some decent money
  • Q: Can I expect to get anywhere near what I originally paid for my diamond?

    A: This depends on the carat size, cut, clarity, and the color of the diamond. Most stones are graded on a nationally recognized scale set by the Gemology Institute of America. Unfortunately, many jewelry stores mark their diamonds up 500-600%. However, a licensed and certified diamond buyer will be educated enough to take all the factors a diamond carries into consideration. It is important to find a diamond buyer that has a solid reputation of paying fair market values. Feel free to ask questions about the price you are given and about the quality of your diamond.
  • Q:What if my jewelry is broken or missing stones?

    A:Your jewelry is still worth money even when broken or damaged. This type of jewelry is referred to as scrap gold and is usually used for melting down into bricks by a gold refiner. It is a good idea to separate your scrap gold into karats before selling your gold so that you know exactly what you have.


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